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What Causes a Pimple?

Posted by itsaboutcash on October 31, 2007

The answer to “What causes a pimple?” can be answered in a single phrase which is hormonal imbalance. The rest of this article will give you the more complete answer.

A hormonal imbalance can excite the sebaceous glands which are located in your pores. These glands produce sticky skin oil called sebum. The problems may start when and if dead skin cells, dirt, grime or some other foreign object gets trapped in the pore by the sebum. These foreign objects will be food for bacteria. As the bacteria grows and reproduces, your body’s immune system kicks in trying to expel this infection.

The result of this activity may be a pimple that is red around the edges and it may or may not have a white head on it.

Because hormones create this over abundance of skin oil, we cannot prevent pimples BUT we can minimize the number with proper nutrition, hydration and good hygiene.

Sometimes these aren’t enough and you still experience pimple outbreaks where you’ll need to get rid of a pimple.

Because pimple outbreaks do happen, it is a good idea to have home remedies at hand and access to all natural remedies when the home remedy isn’t enough. There are many over-the-counter and prescription options but WHY would you want to introduce a chemical product that may or may not make the problem worse?

Many keep home remedies on hand and have access to an all natural acne treatment called acnezine to get rid of zits once they know what causes a pimple.


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Get Rid of Zits Naturally

Posted by itsaboutcash on October 25, 2007

Many people throughout the world need to get rid of zits at least once in their lifetime. I’m willing to bet you have had more than one time in your life where you had pimples to get rid of. There is a large variety of treatment options available to you for your acne problem.

Here are a few ways you can naturally prevent and get rid of zits:

  • Distilled Water – Drink plenty of distilled water each day so you can keep yourself properly hydrated. Your body cannot function properly if you don’t have enough water in your system. Water provides the foundation that’s needed to get nutrition to your cells and to carry waste from them. Acne is an infection in clogged pores. The bacteria that grows in these clogged pores feeds off dead cells that haven’t been removed.
  • Healthy diet – A healthy diet is necessary for overall health and your skin is the largest organ you have so it needs proper nourishment too.
  • Proper Hygiene – Gentle cleaning of your skin helps remove dirt, skin oil, grime and dead cells which helps keep your pores open. ALWAYS pat your face dry after cleaning it instead of rubbing it or you may spread the acne.
  • Reduce Your Stress – Studies have shown that stress helps knock your hormones out of balance and a hormonal imbalance is the root cause of all acne.
  • Toothpaste – Put toothpaste over your zit and then go to bed. The next day the zit should be reduced but it doesn’t always get rid of zits on the first use. Make sure the toothpaste you use isn’t full of a lot of chemicals or you may damage your skin more than you help it.

I hope one of these methods provides you the means you are seeking to get rid of zits. If you are like me, you are probably seeking a natural treatment that works AND one that may work faster than the methods listed above. You might find the product at Get Rid of Zits Naturally exactly what you are seeking.

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